This was inspired by the excellent work of Hive Systems. I wanted to know how some other algorithms measured up, specifically the Windows password hash algorithm. So this page will generate a table for any hash speed that you want. (And in a way better font!) If you didn't know, Windows is still using the same password hash algorithm that was first introduced with Windows NT 3.1 in 1993!
RTX 4090: MD4 (Windows), MD5 (plain), DES (UNIX), MD5 (UNIX) SHA-256 (UNIX) SHA-512 (UNIX) bcrypt (cost 5?)
RTX 3090: MD5 (plain), PBKDF2 (SHA-256), bcrypt (cost 12?)
RTX 2080: MD5 (plain)
Hash rate:
Number of Characters Numbers Only Lowercase Letters Upper and Lowercase Letters Numbers, Upper and Lowercase Letters Numbers, Upper and Lowercase Letters, Symbols
1 Instantly Instantly Instantly Instantly Instantly
2 Instantly Instantly Instantly Instantly Instantly
3 Instantly Instantly Instantly 1 secs 2 secs
4 Instantly 2 secs 40 secs 1 mins 3 mins
5 Instantly 1 mins 34 mins 1 hours 4 hours
6 5 secs 28 mins 1 days 4 days 2 weeks
7 54 secs 12 hours 2 months 7 months 3 years
8 9 mins 2 weeks 9 years 38 years 213 years
9 2 hours 11 months 479 years 2k years 16k years
10 15 hours 24 years 25k years 145k years 1m years
11 6 days 632 years 1m years 9m years 97m years
12 2 months 16k years 67m years 556m years 7bn years
13 2 years 427k years 4bn years 34bn years 576bn years
14 17 years 11m years 182bn years 2tn years 44tn years
15 172 years 289m years 9tn years 132tn years 3qdn years
16 2k years 8bn years 492tn years 8qdn years 263qdn years
17 17k years 195bn years 26qdn years 509qdn years 20qdn years
18 172k years 5tn years 1qdn years 32qdn years 2sntn years