I'm Sorry Dude You're Getting A Dell

On 18-May-2014 22:12:51:

Dell, we've got to have a little talk...

This rant has been 3 months in the making because I was hoping the situation would improve, but its not. You see, I have this little problem where I need a new laptop at work. Which means I need to nagivate the abomination that is your website...

Broken Search Functionality

A search of Lattitude laptops with the following options checked:

Returns exactly 3 unique models (9 total configurations. They are

Why have you omitted the following models:

There used to be more models omitted from the results, it appears to have been cleaned up a bit. The system also used to return results for laptops that were not actually available with an SSD. I'll give you some credit here, its better than it was 3 months ago, but its still pretty broken. I'm sure if I actually played around with it more I could find plenty more examples, this didn't exactly take long to notice.

Tech Specs do not match what you can buy

You can pretty much throw a dartboard at the website and find tech specs that are not actually available for purchase. Likewise, finding things available for purchase which aren't listed at all. Take the Lattitude 14 7000's processor options

It doesn't take much browsing to find tech specs unavailable for purchase, but I am not Dell's unpaid QA department.

So Dell, please fix your website.

Seriously, how hard should it be to find a laptop? I don't exactly have complicated criteria:

Is that really that hard? Even six months ago you had machines that fit this, mostly because you actually allowed customization of machines. These days if the 4 pre-configured machines for each model don't fit the bill you are screwed. If you simply brought back the ability to truely customize machines these criteria would easily be matched by any number of models on your website.

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